Hard drive Preloaded installer

I wonder if Steinberg products ( installers) can be
Loaded in hard drive so we can purchase the hard drive
With all the products in, personally I have some issues with downloading large files, and I did purchase some virtual instrument from soundonline and they have the same idea hard drive with all the instrument in.

All you have to do is go to the Steinberg shop and look if you can find this option…

Thank you but I don’t see this option in their website, I did see this option Eastwest/Quantum leap
Can purchase the drive with almost all their products in
It’s much easier than downloading huge files and libraries

Well, there´s your answer.

Further to svennilenni’s answer, it’s not something I’ve ever seen offered with Cubase and can’t see it happening from Steinberg. You might find a dealer who would do it for you but otherwise I’d suggest finding somewhere where you can download the software. It will easily fit on a 16GB USB stick.