Hard panned tracks go center in send chanel


I use cubase for several years now but not so often and only used cubase 4le
Now I’m trying some more stuff and upgraded to Cubase 8 Elements. But i am still a NOOB :blush:
I whas playing with some routing options, using FX tracks, group tracks,…
But ran into a problem, I did search the operation manual and the forum but somehow don’t find anything that helps me out.

Now what i want to do is:
Send a hard left (or right) panned audio track to lets say, group track A, and to another group, group track B.
So i select one “output” to, grouptrack A
and then use a “destination” slot to send it to, group track B
But then the signal in group track B goes center.

It does not matter to what bus i send a “destination”, from there it goes center.
Switching pre/post fader won’t change a thing.

Is here some hidden option?
Or is this what it is, using a destination makes it center again?

Send panning is a Cubase Pro only feature

That is pitty.
It makes the send function a lot less usable.
Anyone knows a work-around?

Yes, buy Cubase Pro! :laughing:

What are you trying to achieve that the lack of send panners are haulting?

I would like to send a few groups thru a reverb effect and then blend them back in. But my sterio field? is killed that way.

Buying pro version for only that is a lot of money and I am far from pro at this stage.

The way it is - without send panners - is a lot like the way it works on a mix desk. Mono send to stereo aux. reverb shouldn’t mess with your stereo image too much. Just make sure you have the reverb set to 100% wet, otherwise any dry signal will mess with your stereo image.