Hard reset for CMC TP

I’ve been using my TP and three other CMCs and they are all updated to the newest firmware with the newest CMC tools for my personal rig.

Today I went to another studio and used my TP (I’m guessing with older drivers) and it worked as expected (the studio had a working AI. The studio also uses PT, Sequoia and C7 but I was using their Nuendo 5 (latest build) for my session as it is their primary DAW. When I got home and reconnected it to my rig it was bricked. The firmware app just tells me that it is up to date.

Is there any history I’ve missed about older drivers/CMC tools bricking a device? If so is there any way to reset it?

I’ve become very attached to the workflow these tools provide but if they are so delicate that a driver mismatch makes bricks out of them the there is a big issue that does not seem to be covered in the docs I’ve looked at.

Any help would be great.

That sounds like a support ticket issue. Not much we can do to sort that out.

Have you tried plugging it into a different USB port? It could be a USB issue, i’ve had P&P devices (not CMC though) stop working in a specific port in the past.