Hard to read: Info Line data for Markers, Folder events and in the Audio Editor

There is an inconsistency in the font lighting for the data on the Info Line. Why is the Info Line data so dark for the Marker/Folder track or Audio Editor? I have to squint to be able to read something and I’m not 90y old yet.

Screenshot 2021-01-16 162912

Folder event
Screenshot 2021-01-16 162939

Audio event (How it should be displayed for every event)
Screenshot 2021-01-16 162851

Also please brighten this a bit (data in Info Line when selecting multiple events) , this is also hard to read
Screenshot 2021-01-16 164755


The folders’ Info Line font is darker for the Start, End and Length values, because you can’t change these values in the Info Line. Mute value is white (light), because you can change it.

The Marker values are white on my side, because I can change them. Isn’t your Marker track Locked by any chance? If yes, then the Info Line becomes darker, because you cannot change the values.

The Marker track is locked indeed.