Hardrive Full

I currently have Cubase Element 8 and just bought Pro 11 and my hard drive did not have enough room so I am purchasing a second hard drive. Would I need to delete Element 8 and redownload it along with all the other programs (grand 3 ect) to the new drive and then download Pro 11 on this new drive? And what about my files? Could I leave them on the C drive?

If i was you , to save all the hassle i would buy an off line cloner and a double the size SSD drive to what you have now and clone your C drive which then means you only have to install C11 and nothing else

so if i did that, I would not have to reload anything? It would just read my drive as being larger?

Nope , you wouldn’t need to reload anything as it makes a perfect clone ,you might have to do some magic with the partitioning as it will format the whole new drive so for the extra space you might have to set it up . I don’t know , i just clone exactly the same drives .
After every install i clone a spare drive so if for any reason the drive dies or software conflicts you can just swap out the drive and carry on .
I use the
Inateck offline cloner , it holds two Hd drives or two SSD drives and it’s as simple as A=B , press one button twice and leave for 15 mins and job done :wink:

thanks. I am pretty computer illiterate so I did some research on what you suggested and now I understand how it works.