Hardware and controllers for VL


As suggested by @musicullum, I create this new topic to talk about foot controllers and other hardware that we use with VST Live.

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Currently using M-VAVE chocolate with my WIN11 VSTL setup
WindowsOS needs additional sw for MIDI via BT. My solution is:
MIDIBerry (free) + loopMIDI (by Tobias Erichsen)
for transport (PrevS - Play/Stop - RTZ - NextS).


I completely bypassed midi for transport control and actions… bought bluethooth footswitch “keyboard” keystroke simulation. 3 footswitch assignable to keystrokes :rofl::rofl:, on aliexpress few euros (or usb with cable).

Assigned to f3 f4 f5 and in actions assigned to stop, next song and play/record, and next part to exit flexloop when needed.

It works and is cheap :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m using two foot controllers: Behringer FCB1010 and M-Vave Chocolate.

Previously, I used to connect a Yamaha Bluetooth plug (MD-BT01) to the FCB so the two foot controllers were linked to Win11 with MIDIberryM (multi-instance paid version).

Last month I replaced the UnO2 board with the brand new Wino2 that turns the FCB1010 into a WiFi web server/client. Now, I connect the Chocolate to the FCB that is merging all data and send it via WiFi to VL.

The Chocolate buttons are controlling the Guitar Rig 7 loop machine (Rec/Play/Overdub, Stop, Erase, Loop A/B), and I programmed the Wino2 to have these functions on the FCB:

  • Short press on 1-5 are calling my 5 Guitar Rig presets.

  • A second press on the same pedal adds an effect (i.e. overdrive)

  • Long press on 1-5 calls VL setlists 1 to 5.

  • Short press on 6-0 calls song 1 to 5 + ($n x 5)

  • Long press on 6-0 sets $n to 0-4

  • Short press on Up pedal calls Next Part

  • Short press on Down starts/stops playback

When a song is running, the FCB automatically switches to a second Bank acting the same except for footswitches 6-9 that jumps to Parts 2-5 and footswitch 0 that calls the Last Part of the song.

On stop, the FCB returns to its first bank.

Not bad, hey? :smiling_face:


I wish the fcb1010 would fit under my keyboard stand - too wide.

Have cut out the middle man and programmed all my effects and program changes into VL but will use a Chocolate to change songs and start/stop.

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Received the Chocolate box today - what a nice sturdy unit. Shame the foot switches have such a noticable click but I’ll work with it. Also a shame that there’s no power out on the usb socket.

What do you mean? The USB socket is the charging port.

The Chocolate has an internal battery, while the Hotone Ampero needs to be plugged.

What I don’t like is the blue led flashing when I don’t use BT…

I mean that the internal battery cannot power an external device. One of the major complaints I see about this box is the range which is probably due to the BT transmitter being inside a metal (faraday) cage. The obvious solution is to use an external BT MIDI device which, it turns out, cannot be powered for the pedals internal battery.

As far as the flashing led goes - why not block it off with Gaffa tape?

@fkalmus - finally got mine setup with the added bonus of my damper pedal plugged into it. Had to set up some virtual MIDI in VL to route signals but it’s impressive for the money. Thanks for the recommendation - that’s 2 less leads to plug in.

EDIT: warning - using the back socket for a damper severely reduces battery life. I got about 1.5 hours before it died. During a gig, of course.

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