Hardware configuration question

I installed Cubase 7.5 32 bit along with Arturia Analog Factory as described below. When Cubase loads I always got a “runtime” error as Analog Factory was being scanned/loaded into Cubase upon start-up. This is NOT the problem many are having trying to run Analog Factory 32 bit in Cubase 64 bit, they are both 32 bit applications. I did try installing the new iso’s Steinberg support sent to get rid of the “runtime” errors as they suggested. It did not help. Then, I noticed it was always generating that error while trying to load one of the Arturia Analog Factory presets. I tried everything to make it work and here’s what I came up with.

  1. My main drive is a 128gb SSD on which I have loaded Win 7 Pro as the OS and also Cubase using the default Cubase installation locations.
  2. I also have two (2) Velociraptor 600gb platter drives in a striped array for increased performance. This was to be my location for all VST’s/samples so I didn’t fill up the small 128gb SSD.
  3. I also have a third 1TB hard drive that is to keep all my projects/audio files as they are produced.

I have been told this is the most efficient and highest performing way to configure DAW hardware for maximum performance.

However, as long as Arturia Analog Factory is installed on the secondary striped Velociraptor drive I always get the “runtime” error. Out of frustration I deleted Analog Factory completely seeing how that’s when the “runtime” error occurred - when Cubase was starting and running thru all the startup searches, etc. it does.

I then reloaded Arturia Analog Factory on the main OS/Cubase SSD drive and it worked perfectly.

So, can anyone help me with this please.

My SSD is not large enough to have all the VST/samples reside on it. There’s barely enough room for Win7, the 64 & 32 bit versions of Cubase and Halion, and Wavelab. I have quite a few VST Plug-ins that I assumed would all go on the secondary Velociraptor array. So, this is what I could use help with:

  1. Is the configuration I have put together the proper way to set up the computer or not? 1st hard drive (128SSD) for OS/Cubase, 2nd hard drive (2 striped 600gb Velociraptor’s) for VST/Samples, 3rd hard drive (Seagate 1TB hybrid drive) for project/audio files. Intel i7 2.8ghz processor, 16gb ram

  2. If not how should I set it up?

  3. If it is correct then what is the proper installation process or paths to set for Cubase, Halion, all other plug-ins (like Analog Factory, etc) that I plan on using thru Cubase? Where should I set up my VST/Sample paths, etc??

Thanks to anyone for your insight.