Hardware control of Mix Console 2 (or 3)

I am using an Icon Platform M which uses Mackie protocol.
I don’t my choice of hardware has any relevance to this but it’s possible that the Mackie part does.

It controls the main Mix Console fine and whatever is selected in ‘Visibility’ is followed by the control surface in groups of eight.

But just for ease of use I’d like to have it follow the selections on Mix Console 2 (which are just alternative mix views) so that I can alter aspects to the main mix console without the faders flying all over the shop.

Yes of course I can swap my project around and have my main mix window be one of the others - but am I missing a much simpler opportunity to drive Mix Console 2 or 3 from the device rather than the main (shortcut F3) one?


It’s hard-linked to MixConsole 1.

Definitely a frustration, but I doubt multiple mix consoles were imagined way back with MCU protocol beginnings.

The only suggestion I can offer is keep in mind the link/unlink feature of all 3 mix consoles and combine that capability with the configuration feature and the zones feature. With the mix console(s) in unlink mode, you can configure each separate mix console, but your MCU controller will only control mix console 1. But if you link mix console 1 to mix console 2, then the configurations of mix console 1 is reflected in mix console 2. You can set the zones of each type of track, for example I keep all group, fx, and master tracks in right zone, and all audio & instrument tracks in left zone…now the MCU controller controls mix console 1 and 2, but depending on the number of tracks in the project, there will most likely be a lot of bank scrolling. :smiley:

Apologies if I’m stating the obvious, but that is all I can think of.