Hardware i/o in pro tools


New to the forum. I’m looking to get the AXR4U and I’m planning to use pro tools hardware i/o.
You may or may not know, but pro tools only accepts the same input/output number on their inserts. F.i. if you send on output 5 the return must be on input 5 in the Hardware I/O menu in Pro Tools.
I’m planning on having all the hardware I/O’s on an ADAT connection and because there are more hardware inputs than outputs on the AXR4, the ADAT inputs and outputs don’t line up. I’m assuming ADAT 1 inputs default to input 13-20 and outputs default to 9-16.

My question is, can I reroute this in the Matrix mixer on the AXR4, so ADAT 1 inputs show up on the computer as 9-16?


ADAT inputs show up individually as ADAT A1-8 and ADAT B1-8.