Hardware insert issues in 10.0.20

We were very excited to finally be able to use hardware inserts on Clip FX between plugins on version 10, but still are unable to.

-there is always a glitch in the audio within the first second of audio when using external FX, we’ve tried every buffet setting and the only fix we’ve found is to insert a couple of seconds of silence to the start of every audio file.

-the audio plays back a LOT earlier than what the GUI shows, making it very difficult to do envelope curves.

The workflow we’re hooping for would be to have clip fix with plugins, external FX insert, then more plugins on the clip and / or on the track.

Is this something that could be fixed in an upcoming version?

The workflow we’re hooping for would be to have clip fix with plugins, external FX insert, then more plugins on the clip and / or on the track.

Did you try without plugins after the External FX? Plug-ins with latency placed after the External FX, complexifies the processing.

Ok even with just the external insert then 1 plugin causes the same issue on our systems. Audio glitches after starting playback and the audio plays significantly ahead of the GUI.

Seems to do it at all audio buffer sizes.

When just using external gear and no plugins the glitch goes away but the gui is still way behind the audio playback.

Here is a video illustrating the problem.


Are you sure the sound you hear comes from WaveLab and not from another way? (reduce the Master Section fader to verify this).

Do you have a problem when using the External FX in the Master Section?

yes 100% sure, master section fader changes level. We’ll check with external fx on master section, not sure about that

Yes I still have the same problem with External Fx
10.0.20 works better than 10.0.10 but still need some improvements on this department,
I uses my EQ/Compressor on External Fx. this creates latency but the problem is when I press play every are glitches and noises at start of audio. The only workaround is to work with some silence inserted before the track. So noises print at first portion of audio and later cut this audio
But real problem comes every time I press play. because I’m listening this noises/glitches every time.

Yes, we’re still unable to use external FX in WL10.0.20, same issues even when inserting on Master Section, audio plays VERY ahead of the GUI and glitches every time within the first second.

We’re still using reaper to do all processing then bringing into WL to Assemble, but would love to do everything inside of WL if these issues were fixed.

How is everyone else using outboard gear as an insert?? Are we missing something?

@PG is there any chance this could be fixed on the next update? We would LOVE to only work in wavelab, but this issue keeps us from doing our processing in wavelab so we only assemble in it.

Well, see when 10.0.30 becomes available. I did a couple of tests but could not produce a problem. For clip FXs, there is a small delay, but nothing annoying as you experience, and no glitch. But what audio device are you using and on which Mac?

We have 3 rigs, 2 running Mojave and one on High Sierra, all with WL 10.0.20 and all use the Lynx Hilo as the interface.

The issue is definitely worse when using a combination of plugins and external FX (especially the glitch), but in all situations the audio and gui aren’t in sync when using external FX no matter what buffer settings we use.

We’d love to work like we do in reaper where we can insert outboard gear anywhere in the Clip FX or Track FX chain and it auto compensates for latencies and the GUI matches the audio, then be able to record the output of that track to another track.

Here is another video showing the delay problem we’re experiencing with External FX.


In WaveLab audio connection settings, what the value of “Asio Guard” ?

Ok we lowered the Asio Guard to 10ms and that definitely helped, but the audio is still ahead of the GUI (also in new 10.0.3 update). The audio also still glitches within the first second of playback every time when using external FX (also in new 10.0.3 update).