Hardware insert phase?

A dealer I am working with is saying that using hardware inserts in DAW’s with A/D conversion affects phase coherency. Is there a scientific basis for this? I “ping” my hardware inside Cubase and don’t hear discernible phase, but is it there?

Thanks to anybody and all who share their opinion.

If you can’t hear it, then it’s not a problem… right?

The ping should take care of any latency.


A couple of question Split if you do not mind:

How often should one ping outboard? At the beginning of the session? As more plugins, processors are used? And
when you save a project, does it save the ping so to speak, or do you need to ping every bit of outboard every time you open your project?

Thanks again for your advice.

I only ping once :laughing:

But… if I change my routing (which I do) and then re-patch, when I setup the original routing and hardware, I ping again, usually getting the same ping time!

I don’t worry too much about the odd .1 or .2 of a ms

Ping measures the roundtrip of the signal from Cubase - D/A - Ext. FX in - External FX out - A/D - Cubase. Which should stay constant until you change the buffer settings of your soundcard, or any setting inside your external FX that changes processing time in any way.

Never found the buffer setting to change much? but maybe I just never noticed :open_mouth: :mrgreen:

Most external FX should be pinged with their bypass on, unless it’s some form of digital comp or such like!

Or I am probably wrong… :blush:

Haha… :open_mouth: