Hardware Issue

I can get my guitar to send its signal to the headphones but there is no signal getting to the computer, is there a setting somewhere in cubase Ai5 that i need to tick or untick?

I probably should mention im using the yamaha audiogram 3 interface

I’m not familiar with the hardware you’re using, but in cases like this, it’s worth starting from scratch with your patching and setup. For example:

  • are you hearing the audio through your soundcard/audio interface? if so, it’s worth muting that track in your soundcard/interface’s mixer, as it just confuses things
  • is the interface’s input setup in Cubase? check your settings to ensure you’ve enabled the right inputs
  • can you see any audio coming in within Cubase’s mixer?
  • have you hit the ‘monitor’ button on the audio track in your project? that will let you hear what’s coming into Cubase. Remember when you play the track back that you’ll need to uncheck the monitor button in order to hear what you’ve recorded

Usually, there’s a simple answer. Be methodical and you’ll fix it!