Hardware mixer busses into cubase (SSL BiG SiX)

So I started using the SSL big six. In my project I’ve routed the tracks into the mixer. Now I would like to use the cue sends , which go into USB 11/12 into an fx channel for reverb / delays… Has anybody tried such a setup already? I’m really confused how to get it to work.

An option is to use an audio track with a fully wet effect inserted and leave direct monitoring on.

Is there a proper solution for this?

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

  • In the Studio > Audio Connections > Control Room, Add Channel Cue 1. Set its output to USB 11/12.
  • In the MixConsole, enable the Cue Sends under the Racks.
  • Enable Cue 1 on the channel and set the level.

Hi and thanks!

The thing is that I use the SSL big six as summing mixer. It has hardware cue sends with are summed and then go back into cubase via USB input 11/12. I’d like to use a plugin (in realtime) and the output it to a spare channel and the mixer. (could be 11/12 output). So I guess it’s in the opposite direction as using the cues to output to and external effect or monitor.

For now I’ve using the sends on the channels. But for making quick adjustments I think the mixer cues are more convenient.

Ah, I found a better workaround now.

  • I added 2 external instruments in the audio connections dialog. ST CUE with returns 9/10 and ST CUE with returns 11/12.
  • now adding an instrument track can function as fx track by adding a plugin in the audio insert.

However it would be ‘better’ to have an input option for an fx channel track.

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Isn’t it better to use External FX then?

I think that’s meant for external hardware. It’s sends into the hardware and then returns it into the signal chain as if it were a plugin.

Since I use it the other way around - a hardware mixer that uses a plugin as effect processor - that won’t work.

After some consideration I think using an audio track, and keep the direct monitoring, is the best option after all. Since you can then still record an audiostem of the fx signal.

Just received my Big SiX. I’m looking forward to talk about its integration into Cubase.

I have two questions.
I’d like to create some kind of standard template on the 16 tracks available for suming. I have a few dozen projects that I would like to convert into a Big Six project. Is there a simple way to do this? I must admit that I have never gone further than defining I/O configurations.

For the moment, the projects I have already configured, I have created 8 stereo groups, which I have named with the channel number (1/2, 3/4, …). Then I route the cubase tracks in these groups. Is there any other way to do it?

If you want to use plug-in as send/returns or as inserts from external desk, make 2 external effects in cubase audio connection, namely “in (to cubase)” and “out (from cubase)”.
Then connect an input of audio interface to return of “in” instance, an output of the i/f to send of “out”. Leave other connections not connected.
When you want to use a plug-in chain from the external mixer, insert “in” to the top of the chain, and “out” to the last.
This way, the signal from the desk arrives to cubase from the return of the “in” instance, goes through the plug-in chain and goes out from the send of the “out” instance.
You can make these pairs as many.

Additionally, to use a desk as a summing mixer, you make a dozen of external effects with only send connected, and one external effect with only input.
Insert these out instances to channels or to groups then receive mixed signal with the return instance on master.
Then you’ll be able to bypass the summing mixer just by pressing bypass on the master instance.

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@TakashiWatanabe This is exactly the info that I was looking for, as I just purchased the Big Six myself. Would be nice to see a video of the setup process.