Hardware Setup

Hi everyone, I am relatively inexperienced user of both cubase Elements 8 and hardware in general. I did build my own pc to run cubase using amd chip and asus motherboard. I have 16gig ram and m audio 2496. I use an external 10 channel yamaha mixer for inputting audio, (which is what I mainly record, I don’t use much midi at all at the moment). Mainly electronic drums, keyboards, guitar and bass and vocals.
My question is this. I understand that it is recommended to include ‘at least’ two hard drives on the pc. But I don’t understand how to do this. I only have one (un-partitioned) hard drive at the moment, (yet everything I record sounds ok).
I do want to get more into cubase and midi recording though, and wondered firstly, if I can ‘simply’ add another hard drive to my pc without building a whole new one from scratch? (all the other components were bought specifically for using as a daw and are quite up to date and work well).
Also, What files or features need to be on separate drives, please, and why? (If I could get my head around that I think I would be ok)
I understand that I may need to uninstall and reinstall programmes and possibly even windows to ‘start again’ like this, but I think my windows needs a reinstalll anyway, so I don’t mind that.
If someone could give me a ‘to do’ list, with some reasons ‘why’, I would be so grateful…
Many thanks


Who said you need two hard drives?

I only have one internal hard drive and everything is fine and I have been recording using Cubase for approximately 8 years now. No separate partitions. All files on the same drive. Again, no problem. However, at least twice a month I do backup my PC to a USB external hard drive just to be on the safe side.

Also, if you built your own computer you certainly should be able to add another hard drive if that’s what you want. I’m sure the instructions are just a google/youtube video away. It’s not hard, most computers have the extra bays needed to mount them and most motherboards should have the extra connections for a couple of hard drives built in. When you purchase the new hard drive just make sure it comes with the correct power and data cables needed to connect a 2nd drive. I think most hard drive cables already have extra connections for (2) or (3) drives. It’s basically almost a plug and play situation.

My opinion… if your hard drive is large enough to hold all the data you want (mine is currently sized at 2TB), then no need for two drives. Can’t hurt to have a 2nd drive but, again, no need at this time.

Regards :sunglasses: