Hardware Strip Odd Routing Issue/UR824

I just updated to Cubase 9.5 - just doing a quick VO tonight - and an odd problem came up with my routing in my Hardware Strip. FYI - I am using a UR824 with this system. Pretty straightforward.

Typically, I use the “3-way” routing button to record my vocal dry but monitor with a bit of Comp and Rev. But the 3-way toggle switch no longer toggles to 3 settings for routing (Toggle Up - Toggle Mid - Toggle Down) - in fact, the toggle switch no longer moves. It only gives me the two options that you can see in the enclosed pictures. :question: :unamused:

Any ideas on this?? Im kind of confused - i updated the firmware and Tools, still has the same problem. Direct Monitor is on.

Any help would be great - thank you!!!


There was a post the other day where a user didn’t get all three options. He said rebooting fixed it for him.

is rebooting the same as using the safe start? (hold down option command shift on OSX?) -


Hover you mouse over the toggle switch and use the Mouse Scroll Wheel to change - you will have three positions this way.

It’s got to be a GUI bug, a few of us have reported this now. Mouse Scroll Wheel works for everyone so far.



ROBW - brilliant - thank you for the workaround on this -