Hardware Synthesizer MIDI problems

Hello :slight_smile:
First I’m going to state that I searched around the net for solutions for this, and I wasn’t successful in finding what I was looking for, so here I am.

I currently have a Roland JP-8000 hardware synth connected to my M-Audio FastTrack c400 interface via line plug in the front and 2 MIDI cables in the back. Sound is working great through Cubase, and even arming the MIDI track with record enabled allows me to record MIDI data perfectly fine.

Now my problem is, is that I’m not getting playback.

I also have a Nord Lead 2x hardware synth connected the same way and it works perfectly fine with successful playback. But the Roland isn’t doing it for me.

I’ve tried such options as: Shift>Bank 5, all options tried and tested, unsuccessful.
I’ve tried Shift>Bank 4 all options tried and tested, unsuccessful.

I’ve also went to measures by trying to create a device panel for the Roland, there is none pre-made for the JP-8000 so that is a no.

I’ve been trying to figure it out for a few days and now I have resorted to asking for help :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for any help offered.

Most common thing would be that the output midi channel is wrong in Cubase, look in the track inspector for that. Try all the channels to see if any work. It’s likely that the JP only receives on one midi channel rather than omni (i.e. all channels).


Outputs are set to the interface just as the Nord is.

And check the output channel number as well. This is the midi channel that the JP receives on. The Nord may receive on all channels (that’s called omni mode) so it may not mind which you pick. The JP may require a specific channel number. And, it may possibly be different to the one you’ve recorded on. All speculation of course, you probably need to consult the JP manual really. One thing to do is to chain the Nord from the JP’s MIDI thru connector, then you will be 100% sure that the JP is receiving midi when you hear the Nord working. Then it would be entirely down to reading the JP manual…


Thank you I will try this out, I don’t have the JP manual but I will use the PDF Roland provides.

Maybe the JP is set on the wrong MIDI channel? If you don’t change it manually, a Cubase MIDI track will by default transmit on channel 1. So, if the JP is on 2 thru 16, it won’t play.

In the old days of hardware synths, I would assign a dedicated MIDI channel to each device and never change it. Yes, of course, multi-timbral synths complicated that a bit, but it was still doable, given some flexibility.

I have a JP8000 too. The PARTS and the PERFORMANCES receive MIDI on different channels. Try changing the MIDI output channel in the inspector.