Hardware USB driver version 2.0.3 for Mac and Windows

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver for Mac and Windows.

The version 2.0.3 supports the new UR24C audio interface and resolves some minor issues.

For detailed information, we ask you to refer to the corresponding version history on the download page.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber


Driver is still not working for my UR22mkII.

Running Catalina and Cubase 10.5.

May I please get some help to resolve?

Thank you.


since I’ve updated to Catalina version 10.15.4 (19E266), my mac can’t see my UR242 anymore, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled again the new drivers already, but it is not working.

Thanks in advance for the support

I also have not been able to get my UR242 to work with this new driver, I spent about an hour chatting with an agent on the online chat, and he told me (after some problem solving that didn’t work) that I might need to be transferred to the next level of support in Germany. Then he disappeared from the chat and I was disconnected 10 min later. Wonderful…

Also can not get UR22 mk11 to work.
Mac book pro (new) running Catalina and using a USB adapter. (works fine with Cubassis)
Signal is getting into interface but not into or out of computer.
Any help appreciated.

Dear Stefan,

I am new to this forum, I specifically created an account so I’d be able to contact you/Steinberg.

There are various posts in various forums online about the MAC Catalina/Steinberg UR22 issue, most posts date over 6 months back.

Is there any updated software for the Steinberg UR22 available at this point? If not, will there ever be or has this been abandoned?
Honest answers, please.

I installed and uninstalled the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 2.0.3 · 3.3 MB for MAC several times, to no avail.
My MAC simply does not recognize this software and thus it does not show up in my midi/audio/Sound output or input.
I am plugged directly in to my MAC’s USB and my MAC is MAC OS Catalina 10.15.3

Kind regards


I’m having the same issue. After many months of waiting for all my plugins and hardware to announce compatibility with Mac OS Catalina, I’ve finally updated my OS. Now the old 32 bit driver is disabled and the installer for the new driver fails to finish citing the following message:

The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.

Please help,

The following WORKED for me:

After contacting Steinberg customer service (they were very helpful) I was advised to de-install the usually recommended driver version 2.0.3 and try installing the older version: https://download.steinberg.net/downloads_hardware/Yamaha_Steinberg_USB_Driver/Mac/2.0.2/YSUSB_V202_Mac.zip?_ga=2.23082874.193255019.1586178438-157914980.1567515908

Now my MAC recognizes the installed software driver.

If the driver is not working and Steinberg is not showing up in your audio settings, go to Apple system preferences, Security and Privacy, then check the General tab:
If at the bottom it says ‘Steinberg/Yamaha app blocked’ click the ‘lock’ icon to make changes and unlock it. Then restart your MAC and it will show up in your audio settings.

I had to call customer support, they logged in remotely and fixed my issues with my UR22 and Catalina. Apparently, the unit has software than needs to be updated and mine had never been updated (it worked fine until the Catalina update).

I had to call customer support, they logged in remotely and fixed my issues with my UR22 and Catalina. Apparently, the unit has software than needs to be updated and mine had never been updated (it worked fine until the Catalina update). Works great now.

Hello dear users and moderator,

I am new to this forum which I just discovered looking for a solution to my problem.
I just bought a UR22mkII because it has good evaluations on internet and is still available at some retailers. I have a MacBook Air with MacOS Catalina 10.15.5. I am a bass player and wish to record my playing on the Mac to share with friends.

I tried the installation protocol as provided in the instructions for use and the CD-ROM included with the UR22mkII. Hopefully I still have a USB CD-drive… I installed the drivers provided and though it tells it is installed: nothing can be setup in System Preferences of MacOS (the Steinberg menu is empty/blank) and I cannot record anything, whether it is in GarageBand provided by Apple or in Cubase 10.5 AI.
I de-installed and re-installed several times, with computer restart, with same behavior.

Then the question is: what is the proper solution to have the UR22mkII work on MacOS Catalina:

  • download the USB driver 2.0.3 and install ?
  • download the USB dirver 2.0.2 and install ?
  • do one of the above and perform additional settings in Preferences System ?
  • send back the UR22mkII to the retailer and try to find another USB interface compatible with MacOS Catalina ?

Thanks for your answers. I wish to play and record rather than spending evenings trying to setup this hardware with my Mac…


I am also running Mac OS Catalina 10:15:5 and after reading the above posts, there seems to be pattern going on with the Steinberg UR22mkII Interface. Mine was working just fine while recording with both Garage Band & Audacity. Then it stopped. May have been when my hard drive started crash.

Just payed $500 + to get the Mac serviced. But now it will not recognize the interface.
The kind folks at THOMANN sent me a link with the new driver which I installed. Opened it up but nothing else happens. I tested the interface on a friends computer & it worked just fine. I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled more than once.

I called the Mac service shop to explain & I was told that Catalina will not recognize the interface.
I did research on the this very subject & read articles that they do go hand in hand.
So now, I am totally confused.

Any friendly advice please?
Thanks in advance!