Harmonic analysis / roman numerals in Chord Track

Hi! I recently switched from Ableton to Cubase and bought the Pro edition. It’s an amazing software that gets so much things right. In particular, I love how it is a very professional software that also offers lots of little things to help beginners. The chord track and the ability to highlight scale and chord notes in the key editor alone convinced me to jump.

I’ve read some four year old topics here asking for harmonic analysis in the chord track and the developers said it’s a good idea. I’d like to know if there is any update on the matter.
Especially for those who are not super experts in music theory, while having in the chord track something like “Fm D G7 Cm” is useful, having “iv V/V V(maj) i” or something like that while composing gives a much more insightful view of what’s going on, it expresses a purpose.

With the first, current form (only the chords) I’m puzzled on what I was thinking when composing the piece, while with the roman numeral analysis, I immediately think “Oh, i see a ‘i’, so the first degree is minor and hence we are in a minor key. The progression starts from the fourth, has a little run with the secondary dominant of the fifth degree that is a borrow from the parallel major scale and back to the tonic to form a perfect cadence”.

Together with the key indicator, having this view as a parallel or alternative track to the current chord view would make the composing process so much easier and the program even better.

Thanks for the amazing software,

If there were something akin to this in Cubase it would
be a dream come true… https://www.hooktheory.com/

Yes, Hooktheory, on that point of view, is amazing. Analyzing a piece of music is really interesting and super easy.

+1, that’s why I’ve basically had to stop using the chord pads and now use Captain Chords for most stuff. It’s quite annoying that a professional software like Cubase has not integrated this very useful feature.