Harmonic Noteheads

There have been several posts about harmonic noteheads, but I can’t seem to find a solution to my hamonic notehead, This what I see in my score:
Artificial harmonic
I would like to change the harmonic notehead in a white diamond type. It is not possible to select only the harmonic note, so it can’t be done with a right click and the notehead menu,. This changes both noteheads. There should be a way via ‘Library - Notehead Sets’, but I don’t seem to find it.
Thanks for any input!

You should be able to edit the notehead set used for harmonics in Library > Notehead Sets > Diamonds > White Diamond Noteheads. You can edit the whole note notehead (e.g. increase its scale size) or remove it from the set entirely, and use the same notehead for minims and whole notes.

Note that if you edit the notehead directly, that will also affect that notehead in any other notehead set it’s used in.

Thanks for reply, Lillie. I was able to find the Library Notehead Sets, but it is still unclear to me what I should change and where in this menu. For instance: Were can I see what kind of notehead is used in my current score (see image)? and how do I change this into a ‘vertical’ diamond notehead (not the ‘bend-to-the-left’ kind of diamond head I mean). Thanks!

In Library > Notehead Sets

  1. Change Category to Diamonds.
  2. Choose the Whole Note slanted diamond box.
  3. Click the edit pencil.
  4. Under Range, click Noteheads
  5. Scroll that list until you see the option(s) you want
  6. Click the Add Glyph button
  7. Choose the old symbol in the edit screen
  8. Click the Trash can icon
  9. Adjust the X & Y Scale to suit you
  10. Adjust the X Offset (after a while it stops making a difference; I cannot tell any difference between 50 and 100)
  11. Click Okay to confirm each screen
  12. When you like what you see, go back and click the Star to make the change a Default.

Thanks Derrek, for your detailed description, it works! This procedure is exactly what I was looking for. Is this procedure in the manual? If it is, it’s well hidden.

Not for editing the whole note notehead in the White Diamond set specifically, no.

For generally relevant information, start here – the topics nested beneath that (or just follow the next topic links at the bottom-right of each page) are all relevant for adding/customizing notehead sets and noteheads.

I’m interested in how far one can push the X-offset of the notehead, as I never felt the harmonic diamond was centered, even with an offset of 100.

@Derrek: Same thing here. In the end I choose the somewhat flattened ‘Standard accidentals (12-EDO)’ notehead as white diamond notehead for harmonics, which looks more or less centered:
Slice 3
But both this notehead and the slanted one which was the default for harmonics can’t be moved in the X-direction.

When editing the diamond notehead, if you add a space glyph (U+20) followed by noteheadDiamondWhiteWide (U+E0DE) and set the X Offset for the notehead glyph to 1, the diamond notehead can be centered:



@kleinesteentjes & @johnkprice
I like this option.
Thank you.