Nothead Vertical Alignment Inconsistencies based on Clef

Hello everybody,

I was just stumbling across a weird inconsistency regarding the vertical alignment of noteheads:

Observe the vertical position of the diamond shaped notehead. Both notes use the same note head set however in the Alto clef it gets aligned to the right of the whole note head and in bass clef it gets aligned to the left of the whole note head. This behavior is actually depending on which clef they are notated in and can be changed accordingly. Ideally I would like to align them to the center but there doesn’t seem to be an option for that.

I’ve attached a cut-down version with the default note heads showing the same oddity: (410.9 KB)


Does it change when you press “F” to flip the (implied) stem direction?

Ah right, thanks. Yes it does and I can make them uniform by that. It only changes the first note in the tie-chain though. It’s an odd behavior nevertheless as in the second example both notes should be up-stem by default. Centered on note-head would still be a nice option to have.

See this post for a way to center the diamond notehead.

Thank you, that works!