Harmonica gritty overdrive sound ... which included amps?

Anyone here play harmonica? Wondering if you’ve used any included Cubase amps to generate that classic gritty sound?

I don’t remember using any effects on any harmonica audio track I record.

For me the gritty sound comes from the mic I use to record with through a tube driven mic preamp. When a song needs more grit I record using a Digital Reference Red Howler mic. But usually I record using a Shure 520dx mic. That’s my go to harmonica mic for most recordings. Cleaner than the red howler but you can still get some good grit.

Good question though and I’ll be interested to see what others do. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

If the harp player doesn’t have their own mic, I use a 57 or such like through any old amp that distorts miced up.

Hi guys, thanks for the thoughts!

No physical amps here … except ITB. It’s the choice of Cubase 7.5 included amps that I’m wondering about …


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Have a read in here http://www.bluesharmonica.com/forum

Try distortion effects (send or insert) or overdrive FX.