Harmonizer - multiply and transpose incoming MIDI

Hi all,

I don´t have the Time and Patience to learn LUA, especially not for simple Tasks like the following.

I want to play Chords over the whole Keyboard Range, like Root Note +5 +7 +12 Semitones. So I assume that a Script would have to multiply the incoming Midi Notes and transpose them individually.

It would be advantageous if you could “easily” define the Number of Keys of the Chord and the Transpositions easily - so you could even play a Chord of 5 Keys and transpose them +5 +7 +12 +19 (or what ever). Otherwise it would not make much Sense - but I want the Script only for myself and I am willing to learn how to use it.

I hope that someone can maybe quickly help me or point out an other Solution than Lua, but as far as I have seen I will need a little Script to do what I want to.

You can also play “transposed Chords” via Midi Player, but it will unfortunately hold the first Key/Chord when the second is pressed before the first is released.

Background: Sound Design, lush 90s Pads.

Thank you in Advance, any Hint or Recommendation is welcome!