Harmonizing - held note not conforming to chord

Using the harmonizer for the first time. Works well until a held note that moves from Dm7 to D7. The generated harmonies don’t make the move from Dm7 -> D7 and stay on the Dm7. Why is this happening, and how do I force it? I tried adding a hit point to the melody at the chord switch and re-generating, but that didn’t help.


Are you talking about midi or Audio? If it’s midi, split the note. Seems like you’re talking about audio though. Haven’t used this with audio, but I imagine a tiny silence would allow it to work.

Audio. It’s a held note, so silence isn’t really a great solution. Now that I’ve done larger section, the problem occurs in many places. I’m sure there’s something I can do to finesse the algorithm, but I can’t figure it out.

Have you tried splitting the Audio Event where you want it to change? It won’t hurt the underlying audio.

Another situation is more puzzling. I have an A7-9 changing to Gm7 at bar 178. At 178 I harmonized the word “Honey”. According to the sample editor, the vocal slice for the word “honey” falls slightly after bar 178 ( to be precise). Yet the harmonizer at that location uses the A7-9 chord even though we’ve already passed the Gm7 at

I generally only use the Chord tools for MIDI, preferring to hand adjust Audio - so this may or may not be totally applicable for Audio.

On the Chord Track’s Inspector there is a setting for “Shift Chord” in Ticks. If it is set negative it will have each chord become effective that many Ticks early. It exists so chords played just before the beat will look to the Chord Track like it is part of the upcoming chord. Positive values can also be entered, but I’ve never understood how that would be useful.

I tried something a bit more crude, moving the entire chord earlier (I’m only using it for the vocal harmonizer). Sometimes it works. Other times I have to move it so far forward as to be ridiculous and it generally disrupts earlier harmonies.

Splitting the Audio event had no effect. Even if I regenerate the harmonies after the split point.

What about splitting the note in the variaudio editor?

How do I do that? The waveform editor that opens doesn’t seem to have any sort of cut tool.

Never mind, I found it. Didn’t have any effect. The harmonizer is trigger on something, the question is what? It’s not hit points, it’s not notes in the variAudio editor.

Upload an example cpr, maybe someone will figure it out…