Harmony vocals

I’m trying to generate harmony vocals in Cubase pro 9. However, when I select vocal segment in the project window and open the “Audio” menu the command “Generate Harmony Voices” is greyed out. Does anybody know the reason that this is happening. Incidentally, I have recently installed the Cubase 9 update and I’m sure that prior to this the option listed in the “Audio” menu was “Create Harmony Vocals” and this worked fine. Any help would be fully appreciated.

Did you select the audio event? The option is greyed out until you do.

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Thanks for the reply, good of you to help. Yes I did, I have a couple of vocal tracks in the project, and these work fine. I’ve also tried copy and pasting a sample from the “problem” track in to one of the other vocal tracks, but when I select the copied sample the “generate harmony voices” is greyed out specifically on that sample. I’m confused.

Well, I exported the track, then imported it as an audio file, and guess what? it works! Still don’t understand though, maybe I should just concentrate on playing and leave sound production to someone that knows what they’re about :slight_smile:

Sounds like a weird one for sure but, glad you got it sorted. :wink:

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Sometimes selecting and bouncing cures many ills for reasons I often don’t understand, might be worth trying next time (quicker than export).

Solution: highlight the audio element with the “greyed out” generate harmony options and apply “dissolve part” from the audio drop down.

Hi, having the same issue and “Dissolve Part” is also greyed out.
Any thoughts?

I’ll try and recreate the issue in the next few days…:slight_smile: