Harmony Voices

When I try to generate Audio harmony voices, it just is shifting the file to 3rd or 5th note and there seem no movement in the melody. Is this normal? It just sticks only to one note. I have added cords in the cord track.

Not entirely sure if I am understanding the question correctly…
yes, the generated harmony voices will merely lock to the chords as per the Chord Track (i.e. it won’t track the original melody).
Maybe someone knows a better way, but I’d do this manually
Duplicate the tracks… transpose one track to 3rd and the other to 5th, then Audio Menu>Realtime Processing>Flatten Realtime Processing… then Edit each track with VariAudio, to correct notes that are outside the intended chord.

I have a feeling you method is better! This harmony voices doesn’t really work, also the quality is third class.