Harnessing the Potential of Automatic Arrangement in Cubase

I am an experienced Cubase user based in China. In the highly competitive music production market, I have noticed that Chinese users have a very high expectation for automatic arrangement tools. Therefore, I delved into the features of Cubase and learned some programming to develop an auto-arrangement assistant app.

This app mainly leverages Cubase’s own features to record and generate music based on chords in real-time on Cubase tracks. It also allows customization of timbre, rhythm, and playing style. I shared this app on my social media accounts in China, receiving a lot of positive feedback and helping many Chinese users purchase legitimate copies of Cubase. This method of automatic arrangement is very popular.

My advantage lies in my ability to discover and deeply understand user needs, and I have validated these needs through this initial prototype. I firmly believe that this direction of automatic arrangement has great potential. With further optimization, this direction could be outstanding.

Currently, this app is still in its early stages, but I am confident in the potential of this direction. If Steinberg is interested in this method of automatic arrangement, I am willing to leverage my strengths to contribute, and the app I developed is secondary. Given my deep understanding of the needs of music producers, especially in China, I hope to communicate and collaborate with Steinberg.

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Hi, I’d like to stress that I don’t speak for Steinberg.
I personally though like your approach generally, 'cause I think that the development is moving in the direction of integrating AI anyway. Your concept would possibly fit in there. Unfortunately, the demos are only in Chinese script and language, so it’s difficult for an average European to grasp the possibilities sufficiently. I believe that the parameterization possibilities would be of particular interest because Cubase is extremely versatile as a basis for music production and is not tied to specific styles of music. Finally, I hope you get through to Steinberg this way…


I’ve watched your videos dude, well done. Wish you the best. If you ever make an english version, I’d love to try it.

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I was playing around with much the same thing.

Using a combination of some of the mid-routing and Apache plugins and stuff, I was able to generate this with one key.

Great fun and a great way to explore parts of Cubase I don’t usually spend much time with.

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Nice tracks! Inspiring. It would be nice to see your process on YouTube or the like.

By “generate with one key”, do you mean a macro script within Cubase? If so, I’ve been trying to learn to do that but I haven’t figured it out so far.

Very nice demos! You’ve clearly worked diligently creating a fully interactive auto arrangement accompaniment plug-in that works nicely within Cubase 13.

You mentioned in the video that it’s reasonably priced and you’re looking for people to join your group. Would you kindly provide a link? I’d certainly like to try your software. :+1: