Harp Glissando - Notating?


I have been trying to see if there is a way Doric can handle putting a glissando line between these last two crotchets in my harp part to indicate an arpeggio on a C major chord but I am having so much trouble finding a way to notate this. I click on the high C and select the GLISS option and nothing happens.
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 9.39.32 AM.png
Can any one advise the work around for this?

Special thanks,


Dear Amanda,

I think that for the “gliss” to work, you need to select two notes — the start and the end of line. Not sure this is what you mean to do, though…

Dear Marc,

Yes, I did select both the notes (Crotchet in Treble and Bass Cleff) for the gliss. to grab on to and nothing happened when selecting for the GLISS icon…

Hmmm… Thanks for chimming in…

Hmm… I tried this both in Dorico and on an imported xml, and it worked as expected… :slight_smile:

I suspect creating the gliss line would be no problem compared to producing a C chord without the A and D added unless you are using a harp I am unfamiliar with. If you need a straight C major chord, you are better notating the exact pitches.