Harp Notation Bisbigliando

how can i notate this in dorico 3?
harp bisbigliando.PNG

Dear Medow1,
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You can use two-note tremolos to write this. On the top staff, input the first chord of low notes as a quarter note, then the second chord. Select the first chord and press m. This will create cross staff notes, but both chords are still upstem voice 1 of top staff (probably). Select both chords, invoke repeats popover (shift-r), write 32 and enter. That’s it. Use f if you need to flip a chord. Bisbigliando can be input as text object (shift x) or you can create a text playing technique for it (so that you can use it again in this project, and if you need that in other projects, save it as default.)
Hope this helps !

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thak you, that was really helpful. i fixed the problem :slight_smile:

I even imported an XML file into Dorico and the bisbigliando (2-note chords but on the same staff) came in nicely. Just a couple of observations: the tremolo cannot be edited (no big deal!) and the playback is wrong since an harpist won’t play the tremolo as a pianist but with a fast succession of single notes. Maybe Dorico will learn how to do it, who knows.