Harp pedal - change only one

I am trying to get Dorico to change only one note of my harp pedaling. That is, I’m actually changing 3 notes, but I want to control where the note changes occur, rather than dumping all three at once.

Everything I try seems to enter the entire pedal change for the section, even if I go into note input, select the note I want, and click shift+P to enter the changed pedal. It still calculates the entire new pedal (and will give me a partial pedal diagram, if I request it, but not a single pedal change).

I am missing something here. And… I turn to this form, which is consistently excellent (whereas the Dorico manual is…not quite there yet! I never seem to find the answers in there - and this is one of the very few places where I think Finale actually has Dorico beat for now (though granted, they had 30+ years to get their manual right!)

If you want a single pedal change, add a partial change as usual, then hit Return to edit it. The popover follows the standard DCB|EFGA note order, with the letter v for sharp, - for natural and ^ for flat.

Ah - got it. Very helpful, thanks!

I’m really to sorry to hear that you’ve not been able to find what you’re looking for in the manual - I can see from your example and from Leo’s reply that there’s something I could add about this, so I’ll find the most suitable place to do that.

If you have any other specific examples (e.g. you wanted to do X, so you searched for the terms “Y” or “Z” or something similar) and couldn’t find something, please do let me know! Sometimes, it’s a question of alternative terminology, so if there are terms that users are using that I haven’t yet included (either in the body text itself or in metadata) then I can add those to make it more findable. If it’s a question of that specific action not being in the documentation at all, it’s something I can consider adding.

It’s worth mentioning that if you select more than one notes, the harp pedal calculator will stop at the last selected note. (If you select a single note it goes as far as it’s possible). So in Leo’s example if you select the Bb and the following D, ‘Calculate Harp Pedals’ will give you a single Bb pedal change.

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That is good to know. Thank you, Lillie.