Harp pedal diagram issue

I use harp pedal settings as diagrams… but when I double-click on a diagram to pull up the popover with the text string representing it (in order to copy & edit the string for use in the next diagram along), after dismissing that popover, Dorico switches the pedal setting back to a box with note names, rather than keeping it as a diagram. Is this a bug?..


It’s known behaviour: re-opening popovers essentially re-inputs that item from scratch, and properties set on it are liable to be reset.

If you have Dorico Pro, you could perhaps reduce the amount you need to use individual properties by changing the project-wide defaults in Engraving Options.

Yes, we have to take special care to retain properties on items when they are edited like this. I’ve made a note that we should extend this to harp pedal changes when we get a chance.

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Thanks both. I’ve realised it’s just as easy to hit the Esc key after copying the text, rather than Enter… and so because that doesn’t update the contents, that solves the problem for now.

Actually - perhaps on a similar subject - is this why, when editing the popover text for a dynamic (e.g. changing ‘sfp’ to ‘sfp<’) it irritatingly goes and creates a completely new dynamic rather than just editing the one that’s there?..