Harp Pedal Diagram Obscuring Notation Area

In Write mode, strangely, my harp pedal diagram appears as a giant green flag which obscures a bar (measure) I’d like to enter notes into.

Is there a way of making the harp pedal diagrams appear in the score view, in the same way as they appear in the parts? - In this way, I’ll be able to access the bar the big green Harp flag is obscuring.

Thank you.

To show harp pedaling in a layout, see here.

To hide signposts, see here.

You can also select items that are behind other items (like signposts) by Shift-Alt/Opt-clicking them (if you keep doing so, the selection cycles round all the items at that position).

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Bless you Lillie, thank you so much. :grinning:

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