Harp pedal markings collide with stem and beams


Harp pedal markings collide with stem and beams:
Screenshot 2019-10-02 11.26.21.png
I, of course, can adjust it manually in Engrave mode.
However, I would like to know if there is another way to do it automatically.
If there are no options, then could it be implemented in future?

It likely won’t be implemented since there is no collision avoidance for all objects in between staves of grand staff instruments (only a few sort of objects - I believe it’s like a Newton three-body problem or some such). However, writing a graphical diagram in between staves is really not the accepted convention. Full graphical diagrams, which should be written very sparingly anyway, are generally at the top, sometimes at the bottom (Salzedo puts them at the bottom). Partial pedal changes (with letters) are to be written at the bottom, although in this case there are harpist who prefer them between staves, where you will have to deal with collision avoidance manually. I’ve seen the odd graphical diagram in the middle, but very rarely; it tends to collide with crossbeams, which are frequent in harp writing… There is no question that using “Diagram on top/Partials at the bottom” is easier in Dorico than other arrangements, but this really agrees with a whole whack of harp publications.

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Hey all,

Just following up on this conversation from a few years ago. I’d love to set up general collision avoidance with the individual note change boxes when writing for harp, and a general parameter whereby the boxes generally line up with one another (a bit like what automatically gets done for lyrics). Would any of these options appear in the global settings at this point?

There’s no such feature to force all harp pedal changes across a system to be aligned with each other. In general performing collision avoidance for items between grand staves is pretty difficult, and indeed Dorico basically doesn’t do this at present.