Harp pedal spellings -- notation question

I just made a little harpeggio and put the pedals in –
and thought: that doesn’t look right. It’s just me that is confused at the moment, but by default I’d expected the instrument would be set up something like Cb, Db, E [F or Fb] [Gb] Ab [Bb].

Is it a myth that strings sound better in their natural position?

Also, would a player set the unused strings for sympathetic vibration, for instance?

As has been mentioned here before, most harpists prefer to setup their own changes. That said, they will usually take the line of least resistance (ie the fewest changes needed), so looking at one change in isolation is pretty much meaningless.

You can enter whatever pedals you like in the playing techniques popover, if you don’t want to rely on what Dorico generates automatically.

I’m fairly sure that for the automatic calculation of harp pedaling, Dorico refers to the pitches you’ve input – so if you wanted flats in the harp pedal diagram, respell those notes with their flat enharmonic equivalent?

Thanks Janus. In this instance, we’re right at the beginning of a short (1’) piece, but I take the point.

Thanks Lillie, that makes sense.

After Lillie’s advice, with a bit of context (tempo’s q=72):