Harp Pedaling Accidentals Font

I am using the Leland music font for a project. Is there a way to get accidentals which correspond to Leland in the harp pedaling? At the moment the accidentals in the harp pedaling are those from Bravura. Thank you!

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Leland only has a very small number of SMuFL glyphs compared to Bravura. Any missing glyphs are ‘filled-in’ by Bravura, instead of showing an empty box.

I’m not sure what accidental symbols the Harp Pedalling uses.

How can I figure out which the missing symbols are? If I know I could suggest that they be implemented on the Leland GitHub page.
I had always assumed that since they are accidentals, they would automatically correspond to the accidentals used elsewhere.

Ah: I’ve done a bit of checking, and actually I was wrong. It’s not Bravura filling in missing glyphs: the accidentals for Harp Pedalling use the Music Text Character Style.

However, if you change that to Leland Text, it looks awful and wrong.

It seems the required characters are the standard Unicode text glyphs for accidentals (U+266D, 266E and 266F), not the SMuFL ones (E260, E261, E262) – which Leland Text lacks.


Thank you so much for this! Will make sure they know about this.