Harp pedaling - Note Names vs. Diagram

I used note names to indicate harp pedaling in a part (no indication in the score). When I later wanted to change this into diagrams, the diagrams only appeared in 2 spots in the harp part, all other pedal changes stayed indicated in note names. I changed the Harp pedaling Lay Out Option to ‘Diagrams’. Is there any other setting that has to be changed to see diagrams throughout the part?
Thanks for your reply!

The Layout Options applies only to full pedal changes.
In Engraving Options > Harp Pedals > Note Names you’ll find a setting called Show partial pedal changes for changes up to x pedals. You probably need to set that to something smaller.

@pianoleo : I can see Harp pedaling diagrams throughout the part after disabling ‘Show partial pedal changes…’ in Engraving options.
Enabling this setting and setting the number to ‘1’, keeps showing single pedal changes in note names.
Thanks for your solution!

The other thing is that on an individual basis you can use the Harp Pedals > Appearance property. For some reason this only works when the Set local properties: switch is set to Locally.

@pianoleo : If I activate a diagram pedal setting by clicking it in either Write or Engrave Mode, the property setting is not available in ‘Local Only’ setting. When I change the property to ‘All’ or ‘Global only’, both options (diagrams and note names) appear. However, this doesn’t change appearance in the part.

I suspect you’ve misunderstood me.

@pianoleo: Ah, right!