Harp pedalling on keyboard part

Is it possible to create a harp pedal diagram on a keyboard part? I am attempting to use IRV when making an MT keyboard part, and in this situation the keyboardist is playing harp glisses, so I wanted to enter a harp pedal diagram and hide it for playback purposes. This doesn’t seem to be possible though.

As an extension of this question, as it somewhat relates, I’m interested in the roadmap for condensing (if you’re able to reveal such secretive details!). In my head I’m imagining an “end goal” would be to take a full orchestral score and generate a keyboard reduction, or to take a selection of instruments and reduce them into a single, or multiple keyboard parts.

No, you can’t add Dorico’s real harp pedal changes to any instrument other than a real harp. I guess you could give your keyboard player a real harp as a doubling instrument if need be.

As for whether the end game for condensing is creating an automatic reduction… no, it’s not.

Yeah that’s going to be my solution for now, I was worried it wouldn’t work if I also wanted to have, say, a timpani roll in the left hand, but I suppose I can just route a harp voice to timpani…

It was a long shot, I’ll admit :sweat_smile:

Ah I may have run into an issue - if I have IRV turned on, any extra voices I add don’t automatically get their own channel, I have to turn it off and back on again, which clears the current routing.

(And because I never miss the opportunity for a feature request, I would love a way to be able to name voices, so I’m certain of where I’m routing notes in write mode)

Naming voices (down the road) would be an interesting idea, a way to link what might show up in Write vs. Play mode.

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This happens to me as well. Only workaround I have found without losing all my routings is to exit the project and opening it again. I have a lot of voices with individual routings to Hauptwerk VST and when I turn of IRV Haleon takes over everything.

Naming voices would be nice. At least when writing for the organ the staves are named (a) and (b) for the manuals and (c) for the pedal which helps a lot.