Harp pedals not showing

The harp pedals showing as a diagram seems to be hit and miss in 4.31. No matter what I do, the pedal diagram won’t show up, either at the start of the piece or at the first gliss location. I’m hoping there might be a suggestion on how to get them working. Where I really like to see pedal diagrams is right before a gliss, but all I get are the note changes. Images below show my attempts. Pressing enter on the diagram does nothing.


it might be because harp pedals are set to not show in the score, but only in the harp part?
try looking at your harp part (not the score) and see if they are appearing there.

Michel, you’re absolutely right, they show in the part but not in the score. I must find the setting that allows them to show in the score.

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Layout Options > Players > Harp Pedaling

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Make sure the Full score layoit is selected on the right list of that Layout options window!

Right! Harp pedaling was on in the harp part, but not in the score. Now it works!

Thanks all!