Harp pedals not working

I can’t seem to make Harp pedals work after updating to Dorico 3.5.12 which worked before (yes, I restarted my pc). In Layout Options the ‘Show harp pedaling’ boxes are ticked for both score and part. I selected a harp note (or chord) in Write mode and choose ‘Calculate Harp Pedals’. Nothing happens. Signposts are visible for Harp pedaling.
BTW Neither are Out of range notes visible in the harp part, which are selected visible in View - Note and rest color. Could the update have a bug? Any help appreciated.

Does in not work in a specific project or generally in a new project as well? If it’s a specific project, uploading a cut down version (just the harp part, playback set to silence) will probably get you a better answer.

I just checked with Dorico Pro 3.5.12 and had no problems seeing Harp out-of-range or creating pedal settings via the write menu once I configured the Layout settings. Hope you find out what is preventing your file from cooperating.

I note that there is a Hide Pedaling in the Properties panel (Engrave mode).

Is it possible that this file originated as MusicXML? If so, try going to Setup mode and doing Change Instrument on the harp instrument in order to assign it to Dorico’s Harp instrument. My suspicion is that what you have looks like a harp and sounds like a harp, but is actually a generic MusicXML instrument that isn’t a Dorico Harp.

…and no, harp pedalling in general is working fine here in 3.5.12

Thanks for replying. The file didn’t originate as XML file, I started from scratch. Because I combined the harp part with a Tambourine part, I tried to separate both parts but that didn’t resolve the problem. Neither did switching to Halion (I use Aria Multi Player for sounds).
What I did notice is that after adding a second harp part and copy some bars from the original harp part into the new harp2 part, harp pedals seem to work normally. ??
I gues the only option will be to copy the old harp 1 part into the new harp 2 part, check if pedals work and then delete harp 1?

Seeing as this isn’t a known 3.5.12 bug, it might be helpful to the development team if you could cut down the project to a few bars and share the cutdown project here. It might also lead to a better solution than cutting and pasting and then deleting the original instrument.

@pianoleo: Thanks. I hope this is what you intended, the first page of the arrangement in which Harp 1 pedals and out of range notes are not working. Both seem to work in Harp 2 part (I added two bars below the score). Pedals + Out of Range Notes not working in Harp1.dorico (472.5 KB)

Regardless of where this file started, the Harp 1 instrument is actually a Koto, not a Harp. Go to Setup mode, click the disclosure arrow to the left of the Harp 1 player, then click the disclosure arrow to the right of the Harp 1 instrument. Then go Edit names. Then click Reset to Default. You’ll see it change to Koto.

Now follow my initial instructions to change the instrument to a harp.

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@pianoleo: This actually worked. Only now the Dorico ‘Harp’ doesn’t sound like a harp, it’s a guitar and all my Aria Player sounds have vanished, so I have to reinstall all sounds. Your solution however brought back the colored Out of Range notes and the possibility to have harp pedals. so thanks anyway!

Dorico sadly doesn’t come with a good harp sound. If good harp playback is important to you, the plug-in I’ve used most and had good success with is Elysium Harp by Soundiron, which uses the Kontakt Player.

Thanks! I’m currently using the Aria Player from Finale which sounds fine.