harp without key signature

Is there a way to make a Harp (or indeed any instrument) key-less? Or can this only done by putting C major Alt-Return in the key popover? Might I suggest that a keyless harp is added as an option when setting a new instrument (as there is for e.g. horn and timpani)?

You could put atonal alt-enter in the shift-K popover, it would probably be more accurate than C…

Yes, that’s what I thought, except that it doesn’t seem to respond to Atonal. Hmm

Ah, got it. I typed “Atonal” with a capital A, not “atonal” without. Dorico is not very robust, here… (also because the flag actually shows WITH capital).

Anyway, it’s not a very elegant solution, not in the least because I have to re-do this at every key-change. I’d rather have a key-less harp (behaving as a horn).

I understand, as the team should understand too. That’s probably something that will be added in due time :blush: