Harpsichord 1738 on iPad/iPhone?


we’re a small symphony orchestra, sometimes needing a Harpsichord live on stage. We used built-in sounds in keyboards (Casio, …) for now, but quality is a bit lacking. Harpsichord 1738 seems like a good choice.

However, I do not want to carry a notebook onto the stage; it needs to be small and simple. If I understand it correctly, I need (1) HALion (running only on Windows or macOS), and (2) the Harpsichord 1738 virtual instrument loaded into HALion to be able to play it, effectively requiring a notebook. Is this correct?

Is there a way to play Harpsichord 1738 on an iPad or iPhone, or some other dedicated tiny, reliable, rugged, battery-powered hardware that is not a notebook that needs to find a place and be lid-open on the stage?

I’m new into this, but the actual question probably is: Is there a HALion for iOS?

Thanks, Christian

Even though this is a Steinberg forum, I would recommend that you think outside the box.
The Pianoteq software from Modartt has been running on iOS for some time. There is a Harpsichord extension for this, which I think sounds very authentic. The license that you have to purchase also applies to other hardware, Windows, MacOS, Linux. In this respect the price is reasonable.