Harrison MixBus

Has anyone used Harrison MixBus & Cubase 7 together? Record in Cubase but mix into the MixBus…

I’d love to be able to do this as well but (on Windows at least) it seems to be very difficult to set up and a bit flaky, having to use something called Jack as a router between the two - if anyone knows better please let us know!

I like Harrison Mixbus sound engine but I don´t like ardour, the host DAW where Harrison installed its analog digital modeled sound engine. Moreover, Ardour needs JackPilot. In this way you have three technologies in a same DAW: Harrison, Ardour and Jackpilot, and three sources of conflict. I find a very similar sound with Slate Digital plugins

So it is safe to say that the MixBus is not needed when you can get close to the same sound/mix using either Slat Digital or maybe even Waves NLS plug-ins?

I’m only asking because I had a great analog board but now I dont becuase my home caught on fire last year & I lost everything; & my wife & I had only been back into our home for about 4months now & I’m trying to get back to that analog sound with plug-ins/software… So with so many software out now that emulates or suppose to emulate that nice warm gritty analog sound it’s hard to figure out what is actually good…

Another great option is using UAD Harrison plugs. They are truly authentic, but a little pricey. The studer deck is great also.You can often find a decent price for 2nd hand stuff http://www.uaudio.com/store/equalizers/harrison-32c.html

you can always just render your tracks from cubase and import into mix bus to mix on whatever platform it works best.

Its not hard now to dual/triple boot windows/linux/OSX on the same machine.


I just purchase the Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection, Waves NLS, & Waves Classic Console last night so I’ll be checking them out & putting them through the test & see how great they are; all my production are with live/real instruments full drum kit, live 5 & 6 string bass, Paul Reed Smith Guitar & American Fender Deluxe Strat, Korg Kronos & Motif XS so with that I want to get that nice warm gritty analog sound so hopefully I can get it with these plug-ins…

Dont Crack is having a sale on Nomad Factory’s Integral Studio III bundle. $199 for the complete set of 50 plugins. There’s quite a few gems in there…don’t know if you would find them useful in this context, but there are some nice analogue emulations.

Here’s a link to the product page, but you need to be on their mailing list to get the discount code apparently.


No affiliation. Just letting people know.

Just found a YouTube video showing how to pipe from pro tools into mixbuss and it looks quite easy to set up! Not sure if it works the same way with cubase but should theoretically?

Check on the Harrison mixbuss YouTube channel