Has anybody tried Jamkazam?

Has anybody here tried Jamkazam for remote recording. I was wondering about it’s viability to be able to track a band, where all members are in different locations, LIVE. You can only track single sources with VST Connect. So I was looking for an alternative, since this pandemic is dragging on for soooo long.

There was a guy in the UR-C forum talking about it.

I saw a video recently where it was claimed that the application Jacktrip allows you to play with others within a 500 mile range with no discernable latency (not sure what that means exactly in terms of ms). I haven’t looked into it myself yet though. - https://ccrma.stanford.edu/software/jacktrip/

I also read something a while back about Jamulus - Internet Jam Session Software:

Hi, I just tried JamKazam for the first time today. It worked pretty good. There is still a bit to learn about at this stage. I don’t have a lot of experience with it, of course. Between today and next weekend, I want to find out if it is possible to have my Jamkazam Input come out of Cubase through my interface and the output signal path from Jamkazam to flow Internet>Computer>Audio Interface>and back into Cubase.

I could not find any help files (printed word) on the JamKazam app or their website.

I run a Windows 10, 32Gb RAM, 1Tb SSD with 32Gb of Optane, and an i7-9700 gen. 9 / 3.0-4.7 GHz CPU . And using a Steinberg UR-RT4 interface. My home internet runs on standard Xfinity but not sure what my service transfer rate is but my service is basic internet.

Today, I had a test session with my brother who lives in Annapolis, MD. I live half way between Philly and the Shore in NJ. Our total Internet Latency was 20ms. My interface latency was 9.5 ms…I ran at sampling rate 96 HKz and a 64 sample buffer size; however, I did not realize that my Yamaha Steinberg ASIO driver mode was set at “stable” and not “low latency.”. His interface Audient (I forget the type) was running 4.3 ms.

Again, It was not like we were in the same room but it worked. One issue we were having is volume level mismatch…that when I would turn my guitar down to match his volume level on Keys he had a hard time hearing me when it seemed balanced on my end. Then when he turned his volume down so he could better hear me, then I could not hear him. So not easy to get to a friendly mix which makes it hard to get in the pocket.

So, like I said at the top…a lot to learn but at least we got it to work. Cheers!