Has anyone got a script for the Arturia KeyLab 88 mkII please? I

Has anyone got a script for the Arturia KeyLab 88 mkII please?

I suck at this stuff在asically I prefer being on a life support machine. :face_with_thermometer:



There is factory script for Keylab Essential.

Is Keylab using the same layout? Can you use the same script?

Not the same as far as I can see. Also I dont think you can use script A for machine B


You can, if both of the devices are sending the same MIDI data. Just change the MIDI In and Out ports.

I have my big Mackie Control script and Im using it with any Mackie compatible device.

Respect your wise words Martin, I did try, though Cubase was showing no device detected, even though I could hear MIDI pisno


I see, you are right. You would need to copy the script to the Local folder and then change the MIDI Port names.

Having trouble with this. FYI Keylab has far more knobs and dials than essentials, so its not possible to clone this way. Its proving a struggle. KeyLabs have three fundamental modes Analog Lab mode, for playing their virtual instruments, DAW mode and User Mode. I am not sure but these modes might gum up the works as far as using the new remote editor. Working on this now


In the manual/description of the KeyLab Essential, you can find, which mode to choose.

Of course, you would get only the limited amount of the controllers.

Hi Martin and thank you for the input. I am trying to follow these instructions here: Adding MIDI Controller Surfaces

Got stuck at the first hurdle at the moment. This prerequisite:

"If you have previously used an earlier version of Cubase, and if you already set up your MIDI controller using Generic Remote, Track Quick Controls or VST Quick Controls, open the Studio Setup dialog, open the MIDI Port Setup page, and set the corresponding MIDI ports to Not Connected. This ensures that no double mappings occur when the MIDI Remote functionality automatically detects those MIDI controllers on connection."

For a peculiar reason I can,t seem to find a way to do this - to set to not connected. There is no option I can see for this. Weird.


In the Studio > Studio Setup click to the Track Quick Controls. On the right side you can see the MIDI Input and MIDI Output drop-down menu. Click on it and choose Not Connected from the list. Do the same for the VST Quick Controls, Generic Remote Device, Mackie Control and any other device, you have in the list.

OK Martin FYI it already was not connected (but I still hear instruments triggered from the keyboard)

Hi Martin,
I have succeeded in getting my Arturia Keylab 88 Mk II set up using the old school method a modified Mackie. If you, for your purposes, want to try the new method I am happy to oblige and am currently in my studio. I think the reason most controllers do not have a Steinberg supplied device script is because many are not as straightforward as they claim.
Many thanks for your help

I had another message from Arturia after I informed them I have succeeded using the standard method. I dont understand the MIDI port conflict stuff deeply, but it may make more sense to you. Anyway here is the message if it contains useful information: !

Jun 12, 2022, 17:46 GMT+2

Hi Steve,

Im glad to read that you have something working now, indeed, by using the controller as an MCU Control surface device, you should be able to control what you need according to your setup without any problem and that is why we had not created a script like the one made by cubase for our KLE, since that would imply to maybe avoid using our own dedicated port with the needed MCU or HUI protocols.

Having said that, as I mentioned in the first email, at the moment, there arent any plans to develop another script on our side but your ticket is linked to the parent request and if you manage to create one and everything works fine, it would be interesting if you could provide us with some comments or feedback about the script performance and if it does not conflict with existing protocols, etc.

Please let me know if theres anything else I can help you with.

Kind regards,

Gabriela - Arturia Support

alt text

alt text


Thank you for the information.

I have keylab MKii 61 and having alsorts of problems with my mackie mcu pro and extenders if i create more than one instance i lose control of all mu knobs any advice?


Do I understand you right, your keylab MKii 61 its setup as Mackie Control in the Studio Setup > Remote Devices? What are the other devices?

I am not sure if this will work for you but follow these instructions here AND make sure you take out the tick in All MIDI inputs in Cubase/Studio Setup/MIDI port setup.

I have 3 other Mackie protocol devices 3 Mackie control siface mixers from Mackie.

I will check this out thank you

You might find port conflicts. Arteria tech have said to me this is possible
I do not understand ports

Try just using one first?