Has anyone got Cubase 11 working on Big Sur?

Steinberg seem to have disappeared. Where did they go? They were on this forum years ago. I’ve been with Cubase since the Atari days. I’m super loyal. I’ve been endorsed by Steinberg twice now. But I’m starting to think of Logic it’s gotten so bad.

I’ve built eight studios. In the UK and USA. I really should be able to solve an issue like this but after throwing a bunch of money, deleting a load of files, re-installing everything, buying new plugins, buying external gpus, new hard drives, reading every forum and watching every youtube video, and banging my head against the desk, I’ve come to the conclusion that either I’m an utter idiot or Cubase 11 is crap. It’s probably the former.

9.5 worked so well I haven’t been on this forum for five years. Again, where are Steinberg? There are so many “Cubase 11 Crashing” posts but it’s like people are whispering into the void.

Macbook 2018, Big Sur, Cubase 11, Waves 12, NI Komplete 12. Very light sessions that would have been fine on 9.5, just not running now. They will run for 20 minutes and then the horrifying CPU spikes start and I have to go and scream into a pillow. It’s like being on Windows 95.

The issues are so random that when I try and recreate what might have caused it, I can’t. Was it a system sound? Was it me moving my chair? Was it the anti-virus, was it this plugin or that plugin. Does Cubase hate the band I’m working on. I can’t crack it. I need help before I go to the dark side.


Some *.crash files might bring light on it.

Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder or Crash Reports in macOS 10.15 (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).

Hmmm… AFAIK Cubase 11 is not yet officially supported on Big Sur… ?


It is, on Intel Macs.

Ah right, OK. Original poster needs to remove all third-party plugins then and add them back one at a time…


I checked the plugins compatibility. Waves 12 are officially compatible. The latest NI plug-ins too (I expect, there is also for example Kontakt 6 in Komplete 12, same as it is in Komplete 13, bit older).

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