Has anyone gotten SWAM to work as a virtual instrument? (Sample Modeling's instruments)

Can’t find this anywhere - was wondering if anyone’s been able to use instruments from Sample Modeling that use their SWAM engine and, if so, how?
Thanks for any help!

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Hi RJ,

I’ve definitely gotten them working, but I host everything in Vienna Ensemble Pro so unless you have the same setup, that’s not much help. Later tonight I can test it out directly in Dorico and let you know.

What is the exact nature of the problem (i.e. what isn’t working?) Are you able to load the plugin but don’t get sound or a GUI or something? Or does the plugin not show up in the list? (I can’t remember if SWAM is VST3 or not; I’m just wondering if it’s something as simple as needing to whitelist the plugin if it’s VST2.)

Slightly related tangent: While I’ve gotten excellent results from Sample Modeling brass (Kontakt), I’ve always been disappointed in the results I get with SWAM woodwinds, and thus barely use them so far. If you have any tips or would like to discuss in more detail, please send me a PM.

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Interested also while investigating a switch to Dorico.I use Swam saxophones that are truly ahead of competitors for this particular instruments.I didn’t use their Woodwinds library though.
SWAM instruments are vst 2 by the way.

Sorry for my delay in response and thanks for YOUR response. To answer your question: the SWAM plug-ins don’t show up in the list by default in Dorico, presumably because they aren’t VST3. I’m also new to the “whitelist” thing and have been trying to find past documentation on how to do this, and could definitely use a refresher from someone (with thanks!) Re: the SWAM instruments in general - I personally love (and have) them all, but have found that the key (for me) is to choose the appropriate patch (since there’s big differences in timbre between the different instruments); and then use plenty of controller expression and modulation. This latter fact may prove difficult at present in Dorico since they don’t yet have MIDI controller lanes (one of the things I want to check in terms of how they’ll play - will Dorico at least record the underlying performance completely, including expression/modulation?)

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Never mind - I found the whitelist instructions for VST2’s here:

and have managed to get my VST’s to now show up to the right in “Play mode” in Dorico. However, when I try to add a SWAM Tenor sax, I’m prompted to activate the product again - strange, since I presume that the activation allowances were per computer, not per separate installation on the SAME computer (I’ve emailed Sample Modeling about this but welcome any additional thoughts you might have). Best -

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Sorry, I know this is an old thread, but just wondering if anyone ever got the SWAM saxophones working correctly in Dorico. I think I have my expression maps set up correctly, but I can’t get the falls to work. If I use the C1 keyswitch to trigger it, it clearly is being activated, but doesn’t actually play back. Here’s a gif from a test file where I had the soprano soloed.


If I assign the fall to a CC instead of using the keyswitch, it appears like it’s working, but I still don’t get any playback of the fall. Here’s the lane where I have it assigned to CC27. It’s showing up on those soprano falls, but still no playback.

Any suggestions on how to get the falls to work? Thanks!

Partially figured it out. It has to be triggered right after the note and then off right after. The first note will play with a fall here, but not the second:

Can this be automated somehow? I really don’t want to have to draw in all falls to use this library, ugh.

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Got a reply from SWAM support as well. This is indeed what they think it should look like. Here’s what they sent me:

Is this possible to do automatically in Dorico?

EDIT: Got a definitive answer from John Barron on FB. Apparently there’s no way to adjust the timing so it can only be done with manual adjustments. Oh well.

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There are a few outliers in terms of unusual approaches to keyswitches (Fable Sounds Broadway Big Band being another) and we hope to be able to provide some further functionality to help cover these outliers in future versions.


Sorry, late to this thread, but would you be willing to share your SWAM expression maps?

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Is there now an SWAM expression maps? I would appreciate it very much.

I made quite extensive expression maps for the string sections which work very well. The people from Audio Modeling invited me for a zoom call to discuss them. They told me that they are working on expression maps for all of the SWAM instruments. But I don’t know when they will be released

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Hi Major :slight_smile:
I see you are over here as well as on VI-Control.
I’m still working on SWAM, trying to get their instruments to play nice with Dorico. We’ll have to get that video chat in.

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Thank you very much. I´ll need the expression map for the SWAM saxophones.