Has anyone set up an Arturia Minilab 3 with Cubase 12?

Looking at using the Minilab 3 as a controller keyboard for orchestral work. Had my fingers burnt before with nightmare setups. The keyboard looks great for my purposes, though I have never used touch strips.
It’s a bit worrying that Arturia does not mention Cubase in the blurb.

Has anyone got this device working in Cubase? Was it hard to set up?

thank you


I asked the Arturia Support and they told me that a Cubase Midi script is comming out soon so no worries

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hy there!!
someone got some new.
i can’t find any script for the minilab 3.

Dom Sigala explains in this video how you can do the mapping yourself in cubase. Just go to youtube and enter this ElAvIx-XSdY and hit search.

I have created simple mapping. You can update it further as you need. I’m attaching the file. I hope I have exported the proper one)
Arturia_MiniLab 3.midiremote (5.4 KB)

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Can you remap Mk3 controls, say Transport ones, so that I don’t have to use Arturia’s foul implementation of hitting Shift everytime to engage Play/Stop/etc?

thk man. u saved me!