Has anyone successfully installed the Windows 10 Feature Update 2004?

Has anyone successfully installed the Windows 10 Feature Update 2004 that came out at the end of May, such that Dorico is still working?

I installed the upgrade about 6 weeks ago and was immediately plunged into despair with eLicenser error messages not repairable by running the Online Synchronisation & Maintenance utility. However, Dorico did open but it was impossible to get any sound on playback despite all the settings being unchanged (both NotePerformer and the normal HALion sounds were silent), and the eLicenser error messages continued, and they were telling me that something was corrupted in the licensing system. I don’t have any details to hand as to what the error messages actually stated, because the whole duration of my Windows update 2004 experience was little more than one hour - I just rolled back the update using the Recovery option in Settings and everything has worked perfectly since then, including installing a couple of minor security updates that have come along.

Now that more than a month has passed for Microsoft to get its act together and now that I have the latest version of eLicenser Control Centre ( and the latest Dorico Pro update to 3.5.10, I’m wondering if it’s worth trying again? I know others have had some eLicenser problems after updates, but mine seemed slightly different to what has been described, in that despite the error messages Dorico did actually open, but the playback was broken.

Also, if I do try this Windows update again, is there any issue about keeping the USB eLicenser plugged in during the update process? A naive question I’m sure.

Very grateful for any suggestions!

No I haven’t installed it, because Windows Update says all the outstanding issues with my hardware aren’t fixed yet. (Reading the details, it looks like an issue with some Nvidia graphics cards.)

I’m not downloading the other updates just because they are “available” either. This is actually Microsoft’s way to get unwitting beta testers. It’s quite possible the updates will be updated if there are problems with them before the monthly “update Tuesday” comes round and they are downloaded automatically.

Having put this update off as long as possible, I had a similar experience four days ago when faced with the command to boot my machine either now or later in the day. 1.5 hours later Windows, telling me that “my computer had encountered a serious problem” and finding itself unable to boot, backed out of this update. I immediatedly told it not to attempt such a thing again before 30 August.

I noticed first of all that all my System Restore points before this disaster had been deleted, and secondly that the computer kept booting itself spontaneously. I improved matters by reinstalling the Logitech software for my wireless keyboard and mouse; but the rebooting still happens about once a day. There is obviously something else that Mico$oft has, in its wisdom, rogered.

As far as Dorico and other programs are concerned, they still run. A friend experienced a “successful” update to 2004 and has at least one important program rendered unusable by the process.

But I believe that this state of affairs is not unknown in the Apple biosphere.

So that’s alright, I suppose.


I have the 2004 update installed successfully and Dorico and Cubase and all my other programs are working normally. So not for everyone it is a misery.

And I see no reason why you should unplug the USB-eLicenser during updating.

If you mean during Microsoft updates, your are correct in principle; but I wouldnt take a chance on it not being modified. :unamused:

During Dorico updates, it is useful to have the licenser updated in the same process.


I have no sound at all
Please help, yes I have the W10 update, Steinberg UR22.
Dorico refuses to accept the UR22 , and defaults to ASIO, ie. no sound.
Wonder if it has anything to do with W10, I had so many sound problems with Dorico, unlike any other music program. So I decided to get the Steinberg UR22, to ensure the best of compatible options. It improved, mostly, but now again 2 hours lost.
Patience running thin.
Btw. Sibelius is runninfg well, as usual. Never a problem, no matter which sound card.

Please get the latest UR22 driver from our website and install that one.
There was a known issue with the driver failing after a Windows update, but that is fixed in the latest driver version.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Here the link for the download: Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver Updates and Downloads | Steinberg