Has anyone the RME HDSP 9632


I am thinking about to upgrade my system has anyone already the RME HDSP 9632.
So i get some feedback, would be nice

Greetz Bassbase

I guess the HDSP 9632 is an older legacy PCI card. If I were you, I would go for a newer PCIe soundcard interface, if you have PCIe x 1 slots on your motherboard? This could save you some money then next time you’re out maybe looking for a new computer. Then you probably could use your PCIe sound card, where the older legacy PCI cards slowly but steady will die out.

I’m using an RME HDSP 9652 sound I/O card, which is great. But my problem is, that it’s PCI interface is getting old and dated, and could be a problem with newer motherboards with bridged PCI -> PCIe slots.


Ive had one for a long time. I’ve been using my 816’s for a couple of years now because of the integration with Cubendo but for stable low latency performance I would say the RME is hard to beat.If you’re buying new then get the PCIe version, there’s no point in buying anything PCI now.


Hi Thanks for the adivces.

Meanwhile i got the 9632 and absolutely happy. To get the cheapest Pcie version was to much for my budget.

Greetz Bassbase