Has anyone tried redeeming Melodyne 5 Essentials for free? - Cannot redeem

Free for all cubase 13 users, with the redemption code in the MySteinberg account under ‘Vouchers’.

I get this message on the Celemony website when plugging the code in:

Has anyone successfully redeemed it?


I haven’t heard about Melodyne 5 Essential voucher for Cubase. There is VariAudio in Cubase…

There is Melodyne 5 Essential now available in the voucher section of MySteinberg.

It works, you just have to click Redeem through MySteinberg instead of going through their own shopping cart coupon.

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For anyone else trying this, I had a hard time finding the right place to use the provided serial as well.

You have to go to the login page on the Celemony site and click the link to register. Then you put in the serial number from your voucher page.

It won’t let me paste a link to the page because this forum is stupid.

Actually, it’s because you just joined … spam prevention :wink: .

Did that, but every time I try to use Melodyne it wants me to register, even though I already have. I’m too old and grumpy these days to try figure this stuff out so I’ll just uninstall it and forget it ever existed! :grin:

Yeah, the integration between the products is handled pretty poorly.

Same here. I wouldn’t say this was solved at all. I can log into my account on Melodyne’s website and see that I have a license that is activated. I leave that page open and start Cubase and open Melodyne 5 - and every time it asks me to register. Again! Even though I’m looking at my account on their website with my activated product right there in front of me!

There’s obviously something wrong that needs fixing.

Although I have too many Melodyne Essential licenses, Variaudio is much better.
However if you still want to try:

  • First, sign up or login to your Celemony account.
  • Then, copy your code from MySteinberg’s voucher, you don’t have to click redeem, because this is from a 3rd party company.
  • Then paste it to “add license” from your celemony account page. there is a place to let you do it.
    It should success immediately as I just did it before typing this reply.
    Have a nice weekend.


Thanks for replying. I totally agree - VariAudio is a lot better and much nicer to use as far as Cubase integration is concerned.


Ok, I uninstalled Melodyne and tried again with a fresh install, making sure I downloaded it from the link on the registration page, and this time it worked. So, anyone else having this problem - that’s one thing to try.

Yes, I finally got it to work and also agree - I too much prefer variaudio.

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