Has anyone used 7m long USB A - USB B Cables with Cubase Pro 12?

Hi All,

I have just ordered a new desktop PC, which I will be using for my Home Studio work with Cubase Pro 12, but I need to ask a question regarding USB cable length.

Currently I use 3 x 5m USB A-B cables between my PC and (1) a Dynacord CMS 600, (2) a Soundcraft Signature 12 Multi-track mixer, and (3) whatever other USB device I need to use at the time…

I have to say that I have never experienced any drop-out or failures with these 5m cables, but my new PC will be slightly further away than my current set-up, so I will need longer cables. I might get away with 6m but it would be more comfortable with 7m.

I understand from my searching, that 5m is the recommended maximum length for these cables, but has anyone here ever used longer ones successfully?

I look forward to your comments and any good advice.

Many thanks.

I have used - I am not sure if it was 7m or 10m though. It worked fine for MIDI keyboard but not for USB HUB. In your case it will depend on your devices but I think mixers should be fine too.

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I’ve bought those “amplified” 10m USB cables, because I couldn’t get my soundcard work with 7 m regular cable. So maybe buy one of those to be safe


I tried a number of them and only 1 was really solid but could also run audio etc (Im not a reseller…just a user…this is the model…buy from wherever)

All our DAWS etc are in another room…


Many thanks for the replies, all of them are very useful.

I think I will try and re-organise my workspace so the new PC will be within reach of my existing 5m cables. If that is not possible I will try just one 7m cable and see how/if that works for each of my devices.

I was hoping to avoid active/amplified cables if possible, but of course I may have no choice in the matter if the alternatives don’t work.

Thanks again for all your replies. They are much appreciated.